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10 Jan
Liverpool 1980 – Eric’s Progeny

I must admit I live for stuff like this. It’s like porn for record geeks. This is a family tree of the Liverpool’s music scene from 1974 to 1980 created by Pete Frame. It was originally posted a few years back on the Music-isms Liverpool music blog, but in two parts. I seamed this version back together and cleaned it up the best I could. I’d love to have a Shelflife “tree” created some day, but so far our bands are a lot less incestuous, so it would look pretty thin.

download poster
(2246 x 1598)

original source:

Buy Peter Frame’s book, which includes “Liverpool 1980 – Eric’s Progeny.”

9 Jan
Wah! Heat – Better Scream

“Better Scream” is from the debut Wah! Heat 7″ single released February 1980 on Pete Wylie’s new Inevitable label. The band consisted of Wylie on vocals and guitars, Rob Jones on drums and former Those Naughty Lumps’ bassist Pete Younger on bass. Wylie went on to form numerous “Wah!” incarnations (others being: Wah!, J.F. Wah!, The Mighty Wah!, Shambeko! Say Wah!, etc), but this single in my opinion is his best work.

Listen to Wah! Heat – Better Scream

A WAH! Concept…

(click to enlarge)

8 Jan
Naffi vs. Brenda and the Beachballs

Here’s a Naffi track that has spanned over two releases, two bands and four years. “Every Day Just Another Dream” recorded by Naffi in 1982 from “Yum Yum Yum Yum Ya” (Ark Records) and then again by Brenda and the Beachballs in 1986 from “Volume One” (Probe Plus). Which version do you prefer?

Listen to Naffi – Every Day Just Another Dream.mp3

Listen to Brenda and the Beachballs – Everyday Another Dream.mp3

7 Jan
Naffi – D’ya Hear Me!

Naffi (also known as The Naffi’s, Naafi Sandwich, Naffi-Locksman, and later Brenda and the Beachballs) were a Merseyside duo consisting of Brenda and Jerry Kenny. Most of their output consists of strange avant-garde / dub / reggae influenced stuff, but they still managed to write some lovely minimal jazz pop (think Young Marble Giants). “D’ya Hear Me!” is one of those songs. I’ll post my other favorite track from their “Yum Yum Yum Yum Ya” LP and the Beachballs “Volume One” single tomorrow.

Listen to Naffi – D’ya Hear Me!.mp3

For those who want to study up, here’s the Naffi discography page taken from “The Scouse Phenomenon, part 2″. (which by the way are the most awesome books for anyone who cares about the Liverpool music scene in the 80s. Sadly they’re out of print, but turn up on eBay from time to time.)

click to enlarge

6 Jan
The Darling Buds – Spin

Continuing with more Darling Buds rarities, here’s “Spin” from the So Naive fanzine flexi released in 1987. This song later appeared on their debut album “Pop Said” in 1990.

Listen to The Darling Buds – Spin

5 Jan
The Darling Buds – If I Said/Just To Be Seen

Simply classic by every sense of the word. Here’s the debut double A-side 7″ from
The Darling Buds
. The single was recorded in June 1986 at Loco Studios and the band self-released it in February 1987. “If I Said” was most recently included on the “CD86″ compilation, but I’m liking my gritty overly-compressed vinyl recording a bit better as of late.

Listen to “If I Said”

Listen to “Just To Be Seen”

1 Jan
Happy New Year!

First off, thanks to everyone who placed orders, wrote reviews, went to shows, and made 2008 a great year for us. We truly appreciate your continuing support! Shelflife has an even bigger year planned for 2009. Here’s a sample of some of the stuff we have in the works…

life 055 – Majestic “The Majestic 12 Years (1994 – 1998)” digital release
life 057 – Burning Hearts “Aboa Sleeping” cd (out Feb 10)
life 058 – Thieves Like Us “Play Music” lp (out in early March)
life 059 – The Depreciation Guild “Dream About Me” 7″
life 1007 – Socialist Leisure Party “tba” cdep + 7″
life 1008 – Horse Shoes “The Imperial School” cdep + 7″
life 1009 – Dub Noir “tba” cdep + 7″

As a special thanks, here’s some mp3s to keep you company until those are released.

Burning Hearts – I Lost My Colour Vision
Socialist Leisure Party – Head in the Hay (demo version)
Horse Shoes – Changing Winds (demo version)
Dub Noir – The Careerist (demo version)

Happy 2009!
Ed, Matthew & Kate

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