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20 Jan
Requested: Witch Hazel – Plain

By request for e6gMan, the B-side of the “Just Don’t Try” 7″. Hmm, I couldn’t remember what this song sounded like and now I remember why. Unfortunately it’s not one of the band’s finer moments… and really how can any song compete with “Just Don’t Try”?

Listen to Witch Hazel – Plain

17 Jan
Witch Hazel – Just Don’t Try

“Just Don’t Try” by Witch Hazel was released in 1993 on their own Bubblegum Smile Records. The band was led by multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Kevin Coral with singer/lyricist Mark F., and bassist/sax player Mike Split. Witch Hazel went on to release one of my all-time favorite albums “Landlocked” in 1995.

The band changed their name to The Witch Hazel Sound with the release of “It’s All True” (1998) followed by the final album “This World, Then the Fireworks” (2001). Kevin later worked on solo projects with an entire crew of guest stars (including Laura Watling), but mysteriously this project hasn’t been released yet.

Listen to Witch Hazel – Just Don’t Try

16 Jan
Typhoon Saturday – What Do I Do?

I don’t know much about Sheffield’s Typhoon Saturday, but I love this track! They seemed to release just three 7″ singles and then broke up. Members like drummer Anthony “Tich” Critchlow went on to form Living in a Box (remember them?) and guitarist Nick Robinson went on to most notably They Must be Russians, Comsat Angels, and a bunch of solo projects (he’s also a practitioner of origami according to wikipedia).

Of course this story has a Liverpool connection… This single was produced by Steve Lindsay (bassist in Deaf School, Big in Japan (for 4 months), The Planets, etc.). I read that Typhoon Saturday pretty much hated his production of the song, but the label, Polydor, and their manager didn’t give them any other option but to release it as is. Yeah, it is a bit 80s “over produced,” but I still think it’s great.

Listen to Typhoon Saturday – What Do I Do?

“What Do I Do” b/w “Fascination” 7″, Polydor – POSP413 (1982)
“Another Flight” b/w “Let’s All Dance” 7″, Polydor – POSP442 (1982)
“I Have Love” b/w “Social Insecurity” 7″, Polydor – POSP501 (1983)

15 Jan
Super Eight – Letters

Here’s another excellent and somewhat forgotten single from the Leicester band Super Eight. The band consisted of Adrian on bass and vocals, Jock on guitars and vocals, and Matt on drums. “Letters” was their debut release on Fluff (honey seven) in 1993. The band release two more singles, “Volume 2″ again on Fluff and “From Psychedelia To Psychosis” on Rutland.

Listen to Super Eight – Letters

Here’s the insert:

(click to enlarge)

14 Jan
Two People – Mouth of an Angel

Here’s another favorite 80s Liverpool single of mine, “Mouth of an Angel” by Two People. The band’s main “two” were Mark Stevenson and Noel Ram, both on guitars and vocals with Steven Creese on drums (ex-Lotus Eaters), Brad Lang on bass, and Ian Penman on keyboards. This single was released on Polydor in 1986.

Listen to Two People – Mouth of an Angel

“Rescue Me” 7″ & 12″ (1985)
“This is the Shirt” 7″ & 12″ (1985)
“Mouth of an Angel” 7″ & 12″ (1986)
“Heaven” 7″ & 12″ (1987)
This is the Shirt (re-release) 7″ & 12″ (1987)
(They also had an LP recorded called “Naked” in 1985, but I don’t think it was ever released)

13 Jan
Biff Bang Pow! & The Laughing Apple on Edition 59

I just heard Edition 59, the pop label of German mail order Vollwert Records, will be releasing the entire Biff Bang Pow! and The Laughing Apple back catalog on cd-rs. The singles are in edition of the usual 59 numbered copies while the albums will have 99 numbered copies. Joe Foster will be writing all new liner notes for each album. Looks like the prices will be 7,95 euro for the 3″ cd-r singles and 9,95 euro for the albums. This is good to hear as I don’t have all the BBP! releases on cd and of course The Laughing Apple singles were only available on 7″.

More info can be found here:

Listen to Biff Bang Pow! – There Must Be A Better Life

12 Jan
The Autocollants – Skybloom

“Skybloom” goes down on record as the first ever Autocollant’s recording back in 1995. You’ll soon hear why it was never properly re-released. I had a thrift store guitar with just 4 strings and no tuner (obviously). We later invited Tim Morris to join the band as he could actually play chords (and owned a tuner). Enjoy!

Listen to The Autcollants – Skybloom

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