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10 Jan
Liverpool 1980 – Eric’s Progeny

I must admit I live for stuff like this. It’s like porn for record geeks. This is a family tree of the Liverpool’s music scene from 1974 to 1980 created by Pete Frame. It was originally posted a few years back on the Music-isms Liverpool music blog, but in two parts. I seamed this version back together and cleaned it up the best I could. I’d love to have a Shelflife “tree” created some day, but so far our bands are a lot less incestuous, so it would look pretty thin.

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original source:

Buy Peter Frame’s book, which includes “Liverpool 1980 – Eric’s Progeny.”


  1. Ah, that’s funny, I posted this a few weeks back! You should try finding a book called “The Scouse Phenomenon” by Klaus Schwartze, which has exhaustive family trees and discography information for nearly every band in the Liverpool post-punk scene. There are two volumes but I’ve never been able to find volume 2 (vol. 1 covers everything up to ’86 or ’87)

    Comment by nancy — 10 Jan @ 1:09 pm

  2. Oh, i absolutely love those books!! I have Vol 2 and I posted a page of it in one of the Naffi posts. The great part about Vol 2 is that it has an entire Liverpool label breakdown section, which as you can imagine is pretty amazing to see.

    … and obviously I need to be reading your blog more carefully, but it’s funny we got this from totally different sources.

    Comment by ed — 10 Jan @ 1:37 pm

  3. ah! Nancy was the one who recommended Volume 1 to me but I never knew that there was a Second Volume, Ed! Wow! I hope I can find a copy in the future. So the title now is “Liverpool Phenomenon” for the 2nd volume???

    Comment by Jessel — 15 Jan @ 1:23 am

  4. Yeah, I hope you can find it. It’s “The Scouse Phenomenon, Part 2″ by Klaus Schwartze. It has 28 new family trees, Bands A-Z, and Labels A-Z. Oh and the cover is red instead of yellow, if that helps. ;)

    Comment by ed — 15 Jan @ 1:32 am

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