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29 Jul
This Final Frame – My Blue Heart

Thanks to José Antonio, I just saw there was a new song and video by the Liverpool band This Final Frame posted online. The track is called “My Blue Heart” and it’s from Let Me At Him Ralph’s Myspace video channel. I’m pretty excited about this. There was talk of a new release compiling more of the band’s demos back in 2007, so hopefully it’s on it’s way now.

If you’re not familiar with This Final Frame, the band has an excellent and informative bio/history on their myspace page: “The Mask (Falls Away)” is one of my all-time favorite tracks! Have a listen below:

This Final Frame – The Mask (Falls Away)

10 Jul
New Arrivals: May & June edition

Catching up here with some purchase highlights from May and June and I know I’m late posting this! There’s been so many records coming out that it’s tough keeping up (and I’m on a budget now).

The Depreciation Guild – Dream About Me 7″ – Kanine Records
I think you all know how much I love this single and the fact that it was so so very close to being a Shelflife release. I received my physical copies a few weeks back and it turned out so good. I must admit it is a bit strange seeing it in person after working in it for so long. Kanine did us proud!

Socialist Leisure Party – Turktown Saints 7″ – Cloudberry
Another fantastic release by Socialist Leisure Party. Some say this is even better than the Shelflife one (shhhhh!!!), but it’s all essential — meaning buy both, they complete each other! Order a copy from the Shelflife shop or direct from Cloudberry.

Seeland – Tomorrow Today CD – LOAF
Seeland is Tim Felton (ex-Broadcast), Billy Bainbridge (ex-Plone) and Neil McAuley. Luckily Skatterbrain tipped me off to them, and wow, I’d be surprised if this wasn’t on my top 10 albums of the year. An exceptional release!

Mock Stereo – Demo CD – Unreleased
And this may just be the demo of the year! Mock Stereo is a synth pop duo from Tel Aviv. It’s not anything that we’d ever really release on Shelflife, but it’s so damn catchy that we’re almost considering it. If you have a soft spot for cheesy 90s euro dance pop, you’ll love this. Listen on their myspace. The Elastica-esque “The Word” and “Super Daddio” are the stand-out tracks.

Service Clan Patch – Service
I recently joined Service Clan for life and received my Service patch. I know you’re all jealous! Join up and get The Embassy’s online-only releases!

The Kick Inside – Oh Vanity 7″ – Oddbox
Debut 7″ single from both The Kick Inside and Oddbox records. It reminds me of a more Smith-y My Teenage Stride. Order a copy here

Durutti Column – I Get Along Without You Very Well 7″ – Factory
I finally found this single for a few bucks at Amoeba (SF). I forgot how good it was. Lindsay Wilson sings the A-side. This was Fac 64 released in 1983.

Harrison – Demos and Rarities vol. 1-2 CD – Riverhead
Who ever thought we’d see a double cd demo and rarities collection from the lost UK band Harrison? Not me! Their “(There Is) No Refrain” 7″ has eluded me all these years, but now I have more Harrison than I can handle. I also never realized they sound a lot like Orange Juice, which is always a good thing in my opinion. Pick these up from here!

Liechtenstein – Survival Strategies In A Modern World 10″ – Slumberland / Fraction Discs
Slumberland is still flying high and this record is another masterpiece. Too bad Liechtenstein are not getting the same attention as The Pains, they surely deserve it.

Comet Gain – Broken Record Prayers LP – What’s Your Rupture?
What’s Your Rupture really outdid themselves on the packaging of this double LP gatefold collection. Gorgeous!

Tennishero – High Scenes 12″ – Fastcut
I love this single! Oddly enough, they do a remix of Durutti Column’s “Sketch For Summer,” the same song Thieves Like Us sampled in “Drugs In My Body.”

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