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8 Apr
The Suede Crocodiles – Stop The Rain 7″ reissue

Fastcut Records in Japan have come to our rescue and reissued The Suede Crocodiles “Stop The Rain” 7″. For those who aren’t already fans of this obscure Glasgow band, you can catch up here on the NoStrings site. The original 7″ was released in 1983 and to say it’s rare is an understatement. The single typically sells in that $150-200 range when it does come up on eBay (I know I never could afford to thrown down for a copy) and it’s evaded me in my many, many record store hunts over the years.

The reissue is really high quality. The artwork is from what I can tell exactly the same as the original down to the NoStrings logo label artwork (with the addition of the Fastcut logo and cat number of course – see below).

I was lucky to get my hands on some copies for the Shelflife shop as the singles almost sold out on preorder in Japan way before it was even released. I do apologize for the $15 price tag here, but they’re quite expensive wholesale — I guess a good deal of licensing costs involved. If you’re like me, it’s well worth it to own a copy on 7″ vinyl, even if we all already have the comp LP on Accident. I only have a handful of these, so grab it before this version is also a rarity.

$15 – Order a copy here!

Listen to The Suede Crocodiles – Stop The Rain

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