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28 Jan
Thieves Like Us – Never Known Love

Thieves Like Us debut a new song and video from their upcoming album “Again and Again”.

Fire wins out over my self doubt. Her blue sea was seeking me. Broken dreams were breaking me. Swam into the deep blue sea. Days were heavy with despair. Broken dreams were breaking me. Cherubs pushed for more and more. Painted hearts on my front door. Burnt my file and I was free. Swam into the deep blue sea. Never went back home again. Yesterday it fades away. Fire wins out over my self doubt. Her blue sea was seeking me. Fire wins out over my self doubt. Still I’ve never ever known love.

Download Thieves Like Us – Never Known Love

27 Jan
Thieves Like Us feature on //slang

26 Jan
Burning Hearts in Germany

Good news! Burning Hearts are heading to Germany in February! They’ll be joining The Ruling Class in Berlin. What a show that will be!

February 24 – Berlin at Bang Bang Club
Let’s Kiss and Make Up!
w/ The Ruling Class and Der Elegante Rest

February 26 – Hamburg at Silber
Hit The North
w/ Bye Bye Bicycle

25 Jan
The Bridal Shop – Whale In Da Pain

I’ve been listening to The Bridal Shop’s “From Seas” EP a lot again and I’m still so sad the band is no longer together. They were always one I had hoped to work with on Shelflife at some point. Luckily they did leave us with three fantastic releases. Their first EP “From Seas” is still my favorite. I’m carrying a few copies of the US CD version (released on Magic Marker Records) in the Shelflife shop for those interested. “Whale In Da Pain,” which you can listen to below, is them at their best!

Buy the EP ($7 plus shipping)

Listen to The Bridal Shop – Whale In Da Pain

13 Jan
Horse Shoes in the UK

Horse Shoes are heading to the UK the end of February to play the London popfest as well as some other dates. Don’t miss it!

February 28th – London at the The Lexington
London Popfest w/ White Town (UK), Leaving Mornington Crescent (Sweden) & Humousexual (UK)

March 1st – Brixton at the The Windmill
w/ Panama Kings (Belfast) & Something Beginning With L (London)

NEW DATE ADDED! March 2nd – Camden at the The Lock Tavern

4 Jan
Korallreven – Loved-Up 7″

Korallreven’s “Loved-Up” made my top 20 songs of 2009 and when I heard Fastcut Records in Japan were releasing a 7″ of it, I thought I would offer up some copies in the Shelflife shop (while still expensive they’re probably $5 or so cheaper than if you ordered direct from Japan — Japanese 7″s have always been pricy… I guess they don’t like to lose money on them – ha).

Anyway, Korallreven is a project featuring Marcus Joons and Johan Duncansson (from the Radio Dept.) — and I think Daniel is part of it too, but I forget where I read that. The B-side of the single is the Nhessingtons remix of “Loved-Up,” which is equally great. Being Radio Dept. related I don’t imagine these singles will be in print for long. I’m excited that there’s talk of a new single and an album both called “The Truest Faith” coming sometime in the spring. Obviously I can’t wait for that!

Oh and I also stocked a few more Fastcut 7″s that I think are fantastic from Sail A Whale, Lake Heartbeat and Sad Day For Puppets.

Go buy some seven-inches!

Listen to Korallreven – Loved-Up

3 Jan
Thieves Like Us on French TV

Thieves Like Us “Your Heart Feels” live on the French TV show Pigalle.

Also, here’s a new interview with Andy on The Sound and the Fury Blog.

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