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4 Jan
Korallreven – Loved-Up 7″

Korallreven’s “Loved-Up” made my top 20 songs of 2009 and when I heard Fastcut Records in Japan were releasing a 7″ of it, I thought I would offer up some copies in the Shelflife shop (while still expensive they’re probably $5 or so cheaper than if you ordered direct from Japan — Japanese 7″s have always been pricy… I guess they don’t like to lose money on them – ha).

Anyway, Korallreven is a project featuring Marcus Joons and Johan Duncansson (from the Radio Dept.) — and I think Daniel is part of it too, but I forget where I read that. The B-side of the single is the Nhessingtons remix of “Loved-Up,” which is equally great. Being Radio Dept. related I don’t imagine these singles will be in print for long. I’m excited that there’s talk of a new single and an album both called “The Truest Faith” coming sometime in the spring. Obviously I can’t wait for that!

Oh and I also stocked a few more Fastcut 7″s that I think are fantastic from Sail A Whale, Lake Heartbeat and Sad Day For Puppets.

Go buy some seven-inches!

Listen to Korallreven – Loved-Up

1 Comment

  1. Wow! Very cool! Would love to hear the remix! Do you know when Clinging to a Scheme is coming out? :(

    Comment by e6gMan — 11 Jan @ 7:15 pm

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