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13 Aug
Horse Shoes – The Imperial School

We’re excited! The eagerly awaited Horse Shoes “The Imperial School” CD+7″ release is finally here! Hopefully you’ll appreciate all the extra time and care that went into it. While it’s not “officially” out until September 22, you can order a copy from us right now (and have it in your mailbox in a few days). It’s another fantastic addition to our growing 1000 series.

Horse Shoes consists of Jacob Graham (also part of The Drums) and Drew Diver (soon to launch the Wishful Thinking fanzine). It’s no mistake Horse Shoes ended up on Shelflife. Jacob and Drew share our obsession with strong melodies and pure pop hooks. They take a simple approach to song writing that’s fresh, honest, and not at all self indulgent. Not to mention they’re influenced by all our favorite bands… The Wake, New Order, The Field Mice, The Embassy, Air France… we hope you like “The Imperial School” as much as we do.

$15.00 + shipping

Compact Disc
1. Changing Winds
2. Hey Come Back!
3. Midnight Running Club
4. I Can’t Decide
5. Dying in the Countryside
6. Keep Believing

Seven-Inch (+ free mp3s)
A. The Imperial School
B. The Perfect Combination

Listen to “Changing Winds” and “The Imperial School”:

Artwork by Alex Roulette

Horse Shoes are playing this Sunday at the POP Mayhem festival in Florida. It’s their first show since playing in Stockholm earlier this year. If you have a chance to go 1) I’m incredibly jealous, 2) they’ll have records with them for sale.

They also just released a cover of a rare Field Mice song “Wish I Meant More To You” available as a free download on Holiday Records. Get it here!


  1. gooood!

    Comment by Joel — 14 Aug @ 2:38 am

  2. This has been my most anticipated release for sooo long!
    I just know this is going to be one of my records of the year.
    It might even replace that gorgeous Days record as my favourite Shelflife release ever !

    Comment by Bart — 14 Aug @ 2:34 pm

  3. HELL yes. This is gorgeous, perfect music so well suited to my taste. Nice taster songs. Fabulous fabulous.

    Comment by jennifer — 15 Aug @ 5:56 pm

  4. Love the Field Mice cover. And The Drums are great as well. Thanks again, Ed!

    Comment by e6gMan — 18 Aug @ 2:52 pm

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