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26 Jun
White Town – Hair Like Alain Delon

One of the greatest things about Laura and I merging our record collections is that all of a sudden I have a wealth of new music to listen to… and mostly stuff that I never really gave a chance at the time. White Town fits that category for me. I obviously know “Your Woman” and think I had a copy of “Women in Technology” at one point. Still I never bothered to buy any of the singles.

So Laura played me “Hair Like Alain Delon” from the “Alain Delon” EP 7″ (Parasol, 1991) and it’s was shockingly good… even “P!O!P! classic” good reminding me of bands like East Village or The Desert Wolves. I would have never guessed this being a White Town song and now I feel a bit lame for missing it all these years. Anyway, she has pretty much all of Jyoti’s early singles so I’ll be checking out more.

Listen to White Town – Hair Like Alain Delon


  1. About time you found White Town. Laura’s learning you.

    Comment by matthew — 26 Jun @ 1:37 pm

  2. Yeah, that Laura has GREAT taste in music!

    Comment by e6gMan — 27 Jun @ 1:37 pm

  3. you mean you don’t remember this track from the “one last kiss” comp??

    Comment by janice — 29 Jun @ 4:37 pm

  4. Damn, you solved it! That’s where I’ve heard a song that reminded me of this song because it is *this* song. I thought it was East Village that I was thinking of. I’ve listened to that comp so many times too. I should know better. Thanks Janice!!

    Comment by ed — 29 Jun @ 4:43 pm

  5. This is astonishing, I should have thought you knew about Jyoti’s indiepop beginnings. And I hope “Sweet Harmony” wasn’t the first (and only) song by The Beloved that you heard…

    Comment by Jörg — 30 Jun @ 2:25 am

  6. Oh I knew about his beginnings, but I wrote them off obviously unfairly. I love this blog for schooling myself. Just like Del Amitri, I tend to pass certain bands by for no real reason.

    Beloved, you mean there’s more songs other than “Hello”… ? :)
    “Where It Is” is the only Beloved release I still own. Is the one with “Sweet Harmony” worth picking up? I think I used to have it and it got sold in that massive 2007 collection purge.

    Comment by ed — 30 Jun @ 10:48 am

  7. Hey, Ed…I am also checking out some old Whitetown songs but never really bothered playing the old singles I bought off Chris Indiepages…I should check them out! You should check out the 2ns album of the Beloved (the unreleased one) which you can find in their website…a lot of songs sound like their early singles too!

    Comment by Jessel — 1 Jul @ 3:56 pm

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