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17 Apr
The Almanacs – I Sure Do!

The Almanacs were a band from Derby featuring Ian Turner on guitar and vocals, Paul Stewart on vocals and guitars, and Rob Fleay on bass, vocals and solo guitars. Ian and Paul started the band as a bedroom recording project originally called The Hairgods. Later Rob joined and they recorded a number of demos, many which appear on now rare indie pop compilation cassettes.

Their first (and I believe only) 7″ single was released in 1994 on Fabian Garcia’s Anorak Records (anorak 001, and the same Anorak still releasing records today). The first song on the A-side “Living On Another World” is maybe the “hit” of the single, but I also love the last song on the B-side “I Sure Do!” Have a listen below. The band has a bunch more songs on their myspace which I believe are all unreleased.

The Almanacs called it quits in the mid-90s as members left to go to different universities. Other projects emerged in the late 90s (mainly from Ian and Rob) such as Motorcade, Evil Jukebox, SBD Project, Frankie Machine (brilliant!), and Everyone. Ian Turner is now doing some solo stuff and film soundtracks (as of 2007).

Listen to The Almanacs – I Sure Do!

Watch the video for “Living On Another World”


“No Difference” – on v/a Teeny Poppers cassette – Anorak Records – 1992
“The Derby Tape” 5 track cassette – The World of Suzie Wong Fanzine – 1993 (not pictured)
“Yours Hopefully” – on v/a C92 – Rainbow – 1993 (not pictured)
“Sunburnt Skin” – on v/a Frischer Morgentau – Steinpilz Fontr├Ąger – 1993
“Another World” EP 4 track 7″ – Anorak Records (anorak 001) – 1994
(anything else?)

Read the Cloudberry interview with Fabian of Anorak Records


  1. Wow, thanks for that! I have an ancient tape with the Almanacs and another Derby band (the tape is entitled The Derby Tape – I know!) and I had no idea Rob Frankie Machine was in them. I’m so happy you mentioned it because I didn’t know anything about them and Frankie Machine is one of my favourite people ever.

    Comment by Marianthi — 17 Apr @ 9:56 am

  2. Thanks Marianthi! Yeah, the Frankie Machine stuff I have is great! I forgot to add a link to his site in the post, but I fixed that. And it looks like I need to get caught up on his newer stuff. I only have the Chocolate Hearts cd from 2004.

    Comment by ed — 17 Apr @ 10:15 am

  3. nice! I’m not too sure right now if it was Ian or Paul who said that he still has a box of the 7″ singles in his parents house…and I’m still waiting for him to get it before I can buy myself a copy! :-)

    Comment by Jessel — 18 Apr @ 10:53 am

  4. Bless! That picture is the greatest. Look at the sheer enthusiasm on the lovely youthful face of the boy on the right. I love it. I sure do!

    Comment by jennifer — 20 Apr @ 12:50 am

  5. Ed, here you go:

    Took a photo of my tape. It turns out it came free with a Greek fanzine in 1993. I played it again after all these years and it sounded great!

    Comment by Marianthi — 20 Apr @ 12:09 pm

  6. Awesome, thanks Marianthi! I added that tape to the discog above. I see both “I Might Miss It” and “I Sure Do!” are on it. Are they the same versions as the 7″? “Peeg Sex” a “Got To Wait” may be exclusive to your tape. I’ve never heard those songs.

    Jennifer, “sheer enthusiasm” is a perfect way to describe The Almanacs!

    Comment by ed — 20 Apr @ 12:47 pm

  7. I think those two songs are the same as on the 7″, yes. I’ll see if I can get mp3s off that tape at some point so you can listen to those other songs! Oh and I really recommend Frankie Machine’s 7″s – they’re amazing.

    Comment by Marianthi — 20 Apr @ 3:27 pm

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