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13 Mar
Surf Drums – All There Is

Birmingham’s Surf Drums released their “Black Tambourine” 12″ in 1987 on Joe Foster’s Kaleidoscope Sound label (most famous for releasing “The New Record By My Bloody Valentine”). While the A-side, “Black Tambourine,” is great in that c86 vain, the B-side “All There Is” is really the track that makes this record worth owning. Total Byrds-y perfection.

The Surf Drums were David Kehoe (guitars and vocals), Annie Taylor (organ), Richard Left (guitar), Colin Packwood (bass), and Paul Tibbits (drums). After the Surf Drums split, Annie, Colin and Paul went on to form Korova Milk Bar (Subway/Chapter 22 band). KMB research led me to a post from Nancy’s I’m Not Always So Stupid blog back in 2007. Fun fact: Annie Taylor married Richard March (bassist of PWEI).

Listen to Surf Drums – All There Is

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  1. I uploaded the KMB single following Nancy’s post. You can download it here.

    Comment by Ben — 13 Mar @ 12:21 pm

  2. Thank you sir. I just grabbed a copy of that single off eBay earlier today (for £4.99 – not too bad). Now your mp3 post makes me feel a whole lot happier about my purchase! “Ridiculous” is so much better than I remember Korova Milk Bar being. Maybe I need to give their other records a second chance. I used to have all the Subway ones, but they were sold at some point.

    Comment by ed — 13 Mar @ 12:38 pm

  3. I didn’t buy any more KMB records as – I think – they didn’t pass my stringent quality control tests! Of course, my memory could be fuzzy and maybe I was just skint when they were released.

    Comment by Ben — 14 Mar @ 6:48 am

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