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24 Feb
The Singing Ringing Tree

The Singing Ringing Tree were a mysterious Scottish guitar pop band from 1986 consisting of Colin Fullerton (on vocals), Jack Hamilton (on guitars), and David Mulholland (on keyboards and percussion). They released one lovely 7″ single on their own Singing Ringing Records that came with 3 inserts and 2 stickers. I wager one of the members worked at a print shop by the look of it.

The A-side “The Hanging Tree” is fantastic and one that I deejayed on many occasions. The flip “Breaking The Backs” is a little too “tv theme song” sounding for my taste, not to mention suffers from being too long for it’s own good (running over five minutes), but it was the 80s afterall.

Listen to “The Hanging Tree”

Listen to “Breaking The Backs”

Here’s all the inserts:

There are two other singles by Singing Ringing Tree, but I think it’s a different Singing Ringing Tree, if you can believe. They are “Good Day Good” b/w “Generally Dancing” on Sample (SAM1S) and “Tales From Europe” b/w “A Promise” on Sample (SAM2S). I’ve only seen them briefly on eBay and sold for more than I could afford. Turntable Revolution posted “Good Day Good” on his Imeem account, listen here.


  1. Oh my god, the font that is used on those inserts (the main content) is the font that was used in the monthly newsletters from my elementary school. I have been searching for that font for all my adult life, I swear. I want a name for it! I’m still not any closer to finding it, but it’s nice to see it used on the inserts for a Scottish pop band’s single!

    Comment by jennifer — 24 Feb @ 12:10 pm

  2. Thanks Jennifer! Funny coincidence! I wish I knew what the font was. It must have been some standard one back in the day.

    Comment by ed — 24 Feb @ 9:49 pm

  3. i love all these, ive been trying to find out more info on the “good day good” band, can’t find anything, there is a song of theirs called “heart of stone” which appears on the vinyl version of the umbrella compilation “lie to me” whereas “a promise” appears on the cd version but all great, surprised nothing more came of them, i even remember watching “night network” on lwt and seeing a video for “good day good” which appeared on the “video view” section. They had this “jim jiminee” vibe for me at the time and i hope we can find out some more about them.

    Comment by john o'meara — 9 Mar @ 10:48 am

  4. Thanks John. Yeah, it’s all very strange with Singing Ringing Tree bands. I haven’t heard anything besides “Good Day Good” from the other one and I would love to hear more. I’m just waiting for a blog to do a good post on them. Any takers? Roque?

    Comment by ed — 9 Mar @ 11:08 am

  5. oh, i tried him but no luck, i hope this band will crawl out of the woodwork, surely they must use the internet, i’ll keep my faith restored in case they do.

    Comment by john o'meara — 24 Mar @ 5:58 pm

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