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30 Jan
Virgin Dance – Are You Ready (For That Feeling)?

Liverpool’s Virgin Dance released their debut 7″ “Are You Ready (For That Feeling)?” b/w “Facts” on Probe Plus and Spartan (an Irish subsidiary of Rough Trade) in 1983. This song is a bit of a guilty pleasure, fitting somewhere between my A Flock of Seagulls and Modern English records, and sounding like a song The Ocean Blue could have released a decade later. The band featured the drummer of Modern Eon, Cliff Hewitt with Edwin Hind (vocals), Kenny Duggan (guitar), Dave Knowles (keyboards) and Graham McMaster (bass). Knowles left in ’84 to join Here’s Johnny and was replaced by Dixie. McMaster was replaced by Bernie Putt in ’84 and Putt replaced by Barry Cowell in ’85.

They re-recorded a somewhat insane 12″ mix (released a month later), and then a lifeless, but more commercial version in 1984 (with the re-release of the single). Obviously you can tell which I prefer, but I’ll post all the versions so you can decide for yourself.

“Are You Ready (For That Feeling)?” 7″

“Are You Ready (For That Feeling)?” 12″

“Are You Ready (For That Feeling)?” 12″ 1984 re-release

“Are You Ready?” b/w “Facts” 7″, Probe Plus (PP 5), 1983
“Are You Ready?” b/w “Facts” 7″, Spartan (SP 5), 1983
“Are You Ready?” (new) b/w “Are You Ready?” & “Facts” 12″, Spartan (12 SP 5), 1983
“No Disguise” b/w “Against the Tide” 7″ & 12″, Spartan (SP 8 / 12 SP 8), 1983
“Desire” b/w “Make Love” 7″, Spartan (SP 8), 1984
“Desire” b/w “Make Love & Farewell Clare” 12″, Spartan (12 SP 10), 1984
“The Dream is Over” b/w “Rainy Days” 7″, Spartan (SP 14), 1984
“The Dream is Over (ext)” b/w “Rainy Days” 12″, Spartan (12 SP 14), 1984
“Are You Ready? (re-release)” b/w “Night Call” 7″, Spartan (SP 16), 1984
“Are You Ready? (ext)” b/w “Night Call” 12″, Spartan (12 SP 16), 1984
“Against The Tide” LP, Spartan (SPMP 102), 1985 (collected all singles and b-sides except for “Facts”)

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1 Comment

  1. I’ve got most of the Virgin Dance stuff on vinyl, and I haven’t had a turntable for years, this is the first time I’ve heard this track in probably 15 years, and it’s still as good as ever.

    I keep meaning to get my vinyl over to mp3 but never get around to it.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    Comment by Richard Stokes — 13 Sep @ 1:35 pm

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