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8 Dec
Next Time Passions – Not Here Anymore

In the 90s, I was crazy in love for anything “This Happy Feeling,” a Greek indie pop label that released records by Next Time Passions, One Night Suzan, Kissamatic Lovebubbles and The Crooner. These bands all had some obvious Sarah Records envy, but to me still managed to hold their own. Shelflife was involved early on trying to expose these bands to the world (working with The Crooner and releasing a number of the others on Shelflife comps).

The Next Time Passions were possibly my favorite “This Happy Feeling” band and I remember how happy I was when I finally tracked down this single. I almost convinced the band to release a retrospective on Shelflife in 2000, but it never came to be. So these songs remain a lost treasure. Luckily there are newer bands like Moscow Olympics to keep the torch burning!

Listen to Next Time Passions – Not Here Anymore


  1. It’s really v.e.r.y. difficult to find these recordings even in greece. So, all i have to say is..

    thank you sir!

    Comment by winter academy — 8 Dec @ 1:59 pm

  2. Yay! We were all so proud back in Athens that Shelflife was so supportive of our little indiepop scene.

    Comment by Marianthi — 9 Jan @ 8:10 am

  3. Now I have been listening to this song aproxamently 50 times and can’t get enough. Is it possible that it will come something more in the future? That would really make my day…

    Comment by Richard — 13 Jan @ 5:44 pm

  4. Thanks a lot for all the good words.
    We eventually put the group back together and we recorded a new track, you can listen in our myspace site.
    Next Time Passions

    Comment by Vasilis — 5 May @ 8:10 am

  5. Thanks Vasilis, the new song is fantastic!!

    Comment by ed — 5 May @ 9:25 am

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