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23 Apr
KG – Candy Loves Me So

This first KG 7″ single “Candy Loves Me So” is so good I own three copies of it. It’s what noise pop should be — short songs, great vocals and NOISE. It has the pop sensibilities of Rocketship and noise making skills of The Swirlies. All five tracks are pretty much perfect in my opinion.

There was a compilation cd planned gathering all the early stuff (I think on Slumberland), but it never happened. So you’ll have to try and find the original vinyl copies. I recommend the first three singles:

“Candy Loves Me So” 7″ on lo-fi (1993)
“987” 7″ on lo-fi/Orgasm (1996)
“From Innocence To Catastrophe” 7″ on Clairecords/Tinseltones (1997)

There was also a 10″ released in 1997 called “Baraka,” but I was never able to find a copy (any one have it – should I be looking for it?). After these singles (from 1999-2002) KG went into a completely different spectrum… more experimental, noise (like “Merzbow” noise) and mostly unlistenable. I remember there was a cd with all the tracks named S.P.E.C.T.R.E 1-68. I’d be curious to hear this stuff nowadays, but back then I was not much of a fan. KG reappeared in 2004 remixing a song for Gooom labelmates M83 on the “Run Into Flowers” 12″.

Anyway, back to this single, here’s their best song “Candy Loves Me So” and one of my other favorites “Jukebox Rider.” Enjoy!

Listen to Candy Loves Me So

Listen to Jukebox Rider


  1. oh yes – such a great record!!! ‘love me forever’ is my personal favorite though. i think ive put it on a skatterbrain mix before, actually!

    Comment by matthew — 24 Apr @ 2:00 pm

  2. YES! One of the all-time classic singles from the 90’s! I agree with Matthew – Love Me Forever is and always will be perfect mixed-tape fodder – the best from this single, IMO.

    I do have a copy of the Baraka 10″ — haven’t listened to it in years, but don’t remember being very impressed with it. It was all downhill after our single, unfortunately. But I don’t remember it coming out BEFORE these singles… now you have me curious to pull it out again!

    Comment by Dan — 30 Apr @ 10:06 am

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