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21 Apr
The Diplomat Haircuts

I can’t believe I’m posting this, but here goes… The Diplomat Haircuts was my early recording project/band before (and during) the early stages of The Autocollants (1994-1998). It started off with just me and then became a proper group (basically all The Autocollants members and my friend Rodney). We played a handful of shows (one supporting the Swirlies), but only released one track and one remix — “Outside” for the “Something Cool” compilation on Cher Doll and “Send Me Back” (The Autocollants) for the “Epithalamia” compilation on Clairecords. We actually have a 7″ EP slated on Clairerecords (you can still find it listed in their discography as: fern007 – Diplomat Haircuts – s/t 7″/CDep), which is a running joke at this point. I guess you can say the Diplomat Haircuts have now morphed into what Tears Run Rings is today. Those familiar with TRR may hear some similarities in guitar noise (listen close – ha), although the years have taught me some self-control. TRR songs “Mind The Wires” and “Send Me Back” were even taken from old Diplomat Haircut demos.

Anyway, I found this early tape of demo/test recordings from 1994 I think. It’s freaking hilarious to me. Hopefully you’ll find it funny too (and not too painful)! It’s back from my “noise/experimental” phase — screeching guitars, distorted bass, haphazard drums and my lovely out-of-tune vocals. You can tell I listened to a lot of Hood, FSA, Beatnik Filmstars and Henry’s Dress. Oh and I remember I had a crappy three string (I couldn’t manage to play the other 3 strings so I took them off) thrift store guitar that wouldn’t stay in tune. There are obviously some distortion pedals and reverb involved (I don’t remember what I had at the time — nothing fancy) and I wish I could make some of those feedback tones again. It was all recorded on my Tascam 4-track, which I obviously was just learning by the levels present (wow bass!).

So, I posted one song below and if you can make it all the way through download the EP. Warning: one track is an early version of “Tennis Racket” (later nicely recorded by The Autocollants). This version sounds like Mercury Rev and Hood got drunk together and then got sick. That’s all I’m saying. Um, enjoy!

Listen to The Diplomat Haircuts – I See Things

>> Download EP (13.94 MB)

p.s. Check out this bad ass Diplomat Haircuts website (thanks


  1. this is awesome.

    Comment by janice — 21 Apr @ 5:10 pm

  2. Whoah….crazy. The vocals totally sound like,….well, YOU! I do see the beginnings of The Autocollants though I like Diplomat Haircuts the best out of all of your other band names.

    Comment by tim hinely — 28 Apr @ 12:34 am

  3. Yeah, I think the band name was surly the best part of the band.

    Comment by ed — 28 Apr @ 1:08 am

  4. I can’t believe I finally get to hear some more DH material! :) This song rules. I’m downloading the EP fo sho! BTW, ask Josh for the two mp3s of the WEREWOLVES! stuff — his band with Billy from Human Television from the early 00’s. Maybe you’ve already heard it. Although it doesn’t really sound like this track, something is linking the two in my mind…

    Comment by Dan — 30 Apr @ 10:12 am

  5. Ha Dan! Oh I haven’t heard the WEREWOLVES! I def need those mp3s.

    I just discovered another early band recently, The Rosebuds (Dustin from Rocketship).

    check out this performance on public access tv:

    Comment by ed — 30 Apr @ 10:58 am

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