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5 Mar
Endless Bob Brown

I recently discovered the fantastic 80s band, Endless Bob Brown, thanks to Stephen Walsall’s fantastic Please Rain Fall blog. Their song “Take Your Time” is so amazingly good (!!) and has been playing in the office here on repeat. I so want this on vinyl, but unfortunately none of their material was properly released. Such a shame.

Stephen recently posted more tracks from the band on the blog, including a song called “It’s Harder” – WOW! Where have they been all my life?

Listen to Endless Bob Brown – Take Your Time

Head over to the ‘Please Rain Fall’ blog and download the rest!


  1. yes I agree! They should should an album of their songs and demos/live tracks. I have about 18 songs by the band and they are some of my favourite songs too…from “It’s Harder” to “Blue Boy” to ‘Never Again” to “Look at Me Now” and “Paradise”…all classic guitarpop!

    Comment by Jessel — 6 Mar @ 12:51 am

  2. You’re so right Sir Ed…EBB recorded some great tunes! Thanks for linking to Pleaserainfall. Love that blog and I wouldn’t have discovered it without ya!

    Comment by brogues — 6 Mar @ 6:36 am

  3. i think you have to think a 7” single release of “it’s harder/Paradise,Blue boy” + a compilation cd with the rest of their brilliant tunes!

    Comment by gotemp — 22 Jun @ 6:41 pm

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