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12 Dec
Always – Dreams of Leaving

“Ariel Atlas” by Always (aka Kevin Wright) was released on él Records in 1986. The first track, “Dreams of Leaving,” sounds like a song Josef K or The June Brides could have released. That’s about the highest compliment I can give.

Listen to Always – Dreams of Leaving

Buy Always “Thames Valley Leather Club” from Boomkat or direct from Cherry Red.

11 Dec
Actually Huizenga – Sunny Brook

Another good track that will never be released.

Listen to Actually Huizenga – Sunny Brook

This band is funny now. Check out their Youtube.

10 Dec
18th Dye – Plumbing and Soon Forgetting

18th Dye are playing in Portland tonight.   It got me listening to this older song by them again called “Plumbing and Soon Forgetting,” which I used to love!  It’s off the “Dive” 7″ on Che (1993) and also on “The Noise And The Melodies” comp.  I doubt they’ll play it, but it would be really great if they did.

UPDATE: 18th Dye were FANTASTIC last night! If you have a chance to go see them, don’t miss it!

Listen to 18th Dye – Plumbing and Soon Forgetting

9 Dec
Blab Happy – Perish the Thought

Blab Happy were a band from Leicester comprising Mick McCarthy, Jon Dennis, Tony Owen and Jeremy Clay. The band split up in 1993, with singer Mick and bassist Tony forming Perfume. “Perish the Thought” is from their “Fruits Of Our Labor” 7″ on Wisdom Records (1988).

Listen to Blab Happy – Perish the Thought

8 Dec
Snowblind – Easy Girl

I’ve had this song in my head all weekend, so here’s my attempt to get it in yours. This is “Easy Girl” from 2002 by the Manchester-based pop duo Snowblind.

Listen to Snowblind – Easy Girl

Here’s the video:

8 Dec
Next Time Passions – Not Here Anymore

In the 90s, I was crazy in love for anything “This Happy Feeling,” a Greek indie pop label that released records by Next Time Passions, One Night Suzan, Kissamatic Lovebubbles and The Crooner. These bands all had some obvious Sarah Records envy, but to me still managed to hold their own. Shelflife was involved early on trying to expose these bands to the world (working with The Crooner and releasing a number of the others on Shelflife comps).

The Next Time Passions were possibly my favorite “This Happy Feeling” band and I remember how happy I was when I finally tracked down this single. I almost convinced the band to release a retrospective on Shelflife in 2000, but it never came to be. So these songs remain a lost treasure. Luckily there are newer bands like Moscow Olympics to keep the torch burning!

Listen to Next Time Passions – Not Here Anymore

6 Dec
Sonido Lasser Drakar – I Feel Great

Mexican dance music.

Listen to ASonido Lasser Drakar – I Feel Great.mp3

More Sonido Lasser Drakar on Myspace.

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