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19 Dec
Del Amitri – Sense Sickness

I finally won the “Sense Sickness” 7″ off eBay for a semi-reasonable amount. Funny thing is that I used to give my friend Victor a lot of shit for liking Del Amitri, but I have to admit this song is quite good! It’s like night and day compared to the band’s later material.

“Sense Sickness” was released in 1983 and was the first single from Glasgow’s NoStrings Records (who also released excellent singles by the Suede Crocodiles and The Incredible Blondes).

Listen to Del Amitri – Sense Sickness

Here’s the video (quality isn’t so great, but it’s worth seeing just for the shirts):

18 Dec
Podcast #1 – Always, Sometimes, Seldom, Never

Created in 2006, this mix partially inspired the Tears Run Rings album of the same name.

Listen to the Shelflife Records podcast: Subscribe using iTunes or subscribe to the feed.

Podcast #1 – Always, Sometimes, Seldom, Never
1. The Caravelles – Forever
2. The Radio Dept. – Always A Relief
3. Languis – Times Are Changing
4. Moose – Eve In a Dream
5. The Embassy – It Never Entered My Mind
6. Cocteau Twins – Know Who You Are at Every Age
7. The Millennium – It Won’t Always be the Same
8. My Bloody Valentine – Sometimes
9. Beach House – Master Of None
10. Dionne Warwick – I’ll Never Fall In Love Again
11. Simon & Garfunkel – For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her
12. Daft Punk – Veridis Quo
13. Cortney Tidwell – Mama from the Mountain
14. The Sandpipers – never can say goodbye
15. Kelley Stoltz – Perpetual Night
16. The Radio Dept. – The Hide Away

17 Dec
Big Outdoor Type – Call You On Sundays

The Big Outdoor Type is one of those rare 80s singles that sells for $$$ on eBay. I forget where I purchased this (Amoeba, SF maybe), but I remember it being around $4 and not having any clue to what it was. “Call You On Sundays” is a nice track that doesn’t get too “big band” for my taste. The flip “Seventeen” isn’t as fortunate. Released on 7″ by Havasac Records (SAC 1) in 1984.

Listen to Big Outdoor Type – Call You On Sundays

16 Dec
Always – The Arcade

The second 12″ by Always, “Metroland,” was released on él Records in 1987. Another fantastic single. The second track, “The Arcade,” gets the nod here. Still one of my all time favorite tracks from the él catalog.

Listen to Always – The Arcade

Buy Always “Thames Valley Leather Club” from Boomkat or direct from Cherry Red.

15 Dec
The Sound Movement

This week I’m working on my 2008 top 10 list (which I’ll be posting on the blog soon). I’ve also been reminiscing over my past year-end playlists. One release on the 2006 list stands out in particular… The Sound Movement “Ichi Go Ichi E.” I was certain this band would be HUGE by now! I haven’t seen or heard anyone talking about them in ages, so it’s time for a refresher…

The Sound Movement are Andrew Day (vocals/guitar), Kat (bass) and Graham Brown (drums). They started off in Melbourne, then moved to Tokyo, then Manchester, and finally to Camden. The excellent “Ichi Go Ichi E” was released on Truck Records (UK) in 2006 and looks like it will see a re-release on Pharmacy Records (Australia) next year. Pharmacy also released a few singles taken from the album this year, but I don’t see anywhere you can actually purchase them online. I hope a vinyl issue is also forthcoming.

Truck Records closed shop, but looks like Cargo UK still carries the CD. Order it here!

Listen to In Dark Sunlight

Here’s the video for “Modern Condition”


13 Dec
Pocketbooks – Something in the Silence Told Me

Listen to Pocketbooks – Something in the Silence Told Me.mp3

Available on the album “Proofreading” by Pocketbooks.

Art by Valero Doval.

12 Dec
Southville – Inside and Out

This Southville song is in honor of el Guapo’s last set at Teenage Kicks tonight. There’s a bit of an inside joke associated with this single and we’ll leave it at that.

“Inside and Out” was released on Pillerbox Red in 1993.

Listen to Inside and Out

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el Guapo (BBQ)
DJ in the Manner of a Leprechaun (East Bay Pop Mafia)

Friday, December 12
10pm to 2am
the Attic
3334 24th Street (Mission and 24th, right next to BART station)
San Francisco

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