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6 Nov
Empty Shell – If Heavens Waiting

Here’s a strange single I keep going back to. I don’t know anything about this band other than they’re from Dublin and this single was released in 1986. I think it’s their only single (or all i’ve been able to find). The A side “If Heavens Waiting” is a really nice track in a classic Railway Children / Wild Swans vain. The flip unfortunately isn’t as great and shows the band doing a more forgettable goth 80s thing.

Listen to “If Heavens Waiting.mp3″ (sorry for the crackly vinyl rip)

5 Nov
Happy Pocket

I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed such a general feeling of happiness as I did last night on the streets of San Francisco after Obama’s win was announced. All over town people were honking their car horns, popping champagne corks, wooing out of windows… somehow The Trash Can Sintra’s cover of “To Sir, With Love” seems appropriate for the occasion.

4 Nov
The Orange Peels – The West Coast Rain

It’s been raining in San Francisco too.

Listen to The Orange Peels – The West Coast Rain.mp3

Buy “So Far” by The Orange Peels

3 Nov
Languis – Times Are Changing

With this blog, I plan to post not only about new artists/releases, but also music that I’ve loved over the years. So here goes…

In 2006, Languis released the “Other Desert Cities” EP on Pehr, which was my favorite EP released that year. “Times Are Changing” is a song that sums up everything I love about music. I even like the video. I just hope someday Languis will release more music like this EP. It was pure magic!

Buy “Other Desert Cities” from iTunes or Boomkat

2 Nov
The Rain – Once

With the rain returning to Portland this week, I pulled out this single by The Rain! This is their first single and the A side “Once” is a pure slice of c86 P!O!P!

Listen to “Once.mp3″

2 Nov
The French Horns – Begin

Listen to The French Horns – Begin.mp3
The French Horns cover Margo Guryan’s “Think of Rain” on Pop Mayhem 2008 7″

1 Nov
Plenty 7″s

Plenty were a band destined to be on Factory Records in the 80s, but that never came to be. Luckily for us, Surbia Records finally released these gems on 7″/cd format. “Spinning” is my favorite track and you can hear it below.

7″s are limited to 300 copies / cd to 100 copies. Buy from Surbia Records, Manchester.

Listen to “Spinning.mp3″

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