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22 Nov
Hot Silk Pockets – Body Clock

21 Nov
The Wake – Pale Spectre

I’ve been listening to The Wake a lot again this week. “Something That No One Else Could Bring” 12″ (Fac 187) was released in November 1987. This was their last release for Factory before moving to Sarah in 1989. In fact, they’re the band that introduced me to Sarah in the first place. The “Make It Loud” cd was one of the first releases I purchased in 1990. That’s a “fun fact” for you (ha!).

Anyway, here’s the excellent “Pale Spectre” from this release.

Listen to The Wake – Pale Spectre

Buy The Wake’s LTM reissues from here!

20 Nov
Ride – Sight of You

I really like Ride’s version of the Pale Saints “Sight of You.” It was initially only available on this old bootleg 7″, but released in 2003 as part of the “Waves” cd.

Listen to Ride – Sight of You.mp3

Buy “Waves” from iTunes or Amazon.

19 Nov
Aspidistra – Grip

I forgot how good this song is. “Grip” is from their first single on Fluff records, Leeds. It also happens to be the first Fluff release (and Fluff being the label that released the debut 7″s from both Hood and Boyracer). Think that says it all!

Listen to Aspidistra – Grip.mp3

18 Nov
The Fan Modine – Pageantry 7″

This song pops into my head at strange times.

Listen to “The Fan Modine – Pageantry

Buy Pageantry/The Make We Love 7″

17 Nov
Personal Column – The Same Old Situation

I’m not deejaying much these days, but when I would do the occasion set, this Personal Column single would usually make my playlist.

Personal Column were a Liverpool band that released three singles (two on their own Contrast label and one on Stiff). The first two singles, “Ignorance Is Bliss?” and “The Same Old Situation” are worth seeking out although are usually pricey on ebay. Luckily for us, the band has graciously posted all of their output from 1982-1986 for free on their website! All they ask in return is that you write on their guest book telling them what you think.

Listen to Personal Column – The Same Old Situation.mp3

15 Nov
Swallow – Head in a Cave (Blowback)

Swallow reminds me of the Winter 94/95. I was listening to them almost everyday and San Francisco was colder than normal, which works out because they’re like the York peppermint patties of dream pop: wintery and sweet. I read somewhere they hated being typecast as the new Cocteau Twins (they joined 4AD records around the time the Cocteau Twins left), especially since 4AD made John Fryer produce their album “Blow”. 4AD in turn released “Blowback,” a limited edition version of “Blow” but produced by the band – same songs but with a darker, experimental soundtrack feel to it. This reworked version of “Head in a Cave” is my favorite from it. It’s like the most accurate way I know how to describe my recurring nightmarish sleep paralysis.

Listen to Swallow – Head In a Cave.mp3

Buy “Blowback” by Swallow

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